Chí Linh Star Golf & Country Club

Sao Đỏ, tx. Chí Linh, Hải Dương

Số người chơi: 1-4

Số lỗ: 27 lỗ

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Giờ hoạt động

  • Các ngày trong tuần: 5h30 – 17h30

  • Thứ 2 - Thứ 7: 5h30 – 17h00
  • Chủ nhật: 5h30 - 17h00
Sân gôn tại Chí Linh hoạt động theo tiêu chuẩn 27 hố golf, với mỗi hố được xây dựng và thiết kế theo tiêu chuẩn quốc tế. Tiêu chí của chúng tôi “The Best Place to Play” bắt đầu với 9 hố vào tháng 9 năm 2003 và khi hoàn thành sẽ mang đến cho bạn những trải nghiệm không thể nào quên.
Quang cảnh trên sân được xây dựng nằm trên một thung lũng tuyệt đẹp, xung quanh là những ngọn đồi và rừng, náu mình bên cạnh một hồ nước lớn đua sắc cùng với những con suối nhỏ uốn lượn và những dòng nước tự nhiên bao quanh.
Chuyển tham quan sân gôn Chí Linh chắc chắn sẽ mang đến cho bạn sự ấn tượng, dù đó là nơi cheap replica watches tuyệt vời để chơi gôn hay chỉ đơn gian là vãn cảnh một nơi đặc biệt, sẽ được thay đổi bằng sự quan tâm và chỉn chu đến từng chi tiết.

Hole 1: The first hole is a very daunting starting hole due to its tight fairway and the water hazard, which runs the entire fairway length. Aim at the only fairway bunker right side but ensure you can not reach it. The fairway opens up on the right side after the bunkers, however avoiding the fairway bunker sixty yards short of the green. The green is quite large however the slopes are fair, par will be a great score.
Par 4 – Index 2
Black 396m / 435y
Blue 360m / 395y
White 325m / 357y
Red 280m / 307y
Hole 2: With a water hazard running the entire right side of the fairway ensure you stay left as there is a lot of room. Four fairway bunkers a weight the long hitters so a three wood could be a better option. Your second shot is one of the most daunting in golf with a lake guarding the front of the green, a large bunker right side and a split level green. Be sure to hit the right level on the green otherwise a three putt is inevitable.
Par 4 – Index 8
Black 362m / 397y
Blue 340m / 373y
White 322m / 353y
Red 303m / 332y
Hole 3: A difficult driving hole as a large lake needs to be carried onto a relatively tight fairway. Only one fairway bunker on right side to avoid. A rock creek runs around the green some sixty yards short of the green, however this should not come play if you have negotiated the tee shot correctly. Three bunkers guard the green but once on the putting surface you should be over the danger. Birdie is possible.
Par 4 – Index 12
Black 367m / 403y
Blue 349m / 383y
White 286m / 314y
Red 250m / 274y
Hole 4: A long par four with a blind tee shot. The best line is to stay slightly left of the rock face running the left side of the fairway. With a split level fairway, a large drive will see you get a run on allowing a short iron approach. Drives not hit correctly will be left with a long iron approach with a large bunker guarding the right side of the green. The green has many slopes so check the pin position.
Par 4 – Index 6
Black 402m / 441y
Blue 373 m / 409y
White 354m / 389y
Red 330m / 362y
Hole 5: By most accounts, one of the best holes on the golf course. Our large lake runs the left side for the entire hole so stay right as a large grass bank will ultimately kick your ball left towards the fairway. Water short of the green, therefore a well planned lay up will leave you with a short approach and a great birdie chance. Play this hole as a three shot par five.
Par 5 – Index 10
Black 526m / 578y
Blue 508m / 558y
White 479m / 526y
Red 454m / 498y
Hole 6: Check the wind and pin position carefully on this difficult par three as club selection is all important. A hook or pull is to be avoided as water and sand covers the left side, further bunkers front right and long. A very large narrow green will ensure a testing putt.
Par 3 – Index 14
Black 175m / 192y
Blue 156m / 171y
White 144m / 158y
Red 119m / 130y
Hole 7: The longest par four on the golf course is not only long but difficult. An elevated tee shot to a large fairway; however three fairway bunkers on the right side and one on the left side ensure you need length and accuracy. A long second shot is made all the more difficult by the large lake in front of the green and two large bunkers that guard the green. Steep slopes ensure a difficult putt. Par is a GREAT score
Par 4 – Index 4
Black 445m / 489y
Blue 404m / 443y
White 359m / 394y
Red 319m / 350y
Hole 8: A great lakeside par three that looks simple but will test golfers of all levels. Club selection is paramount as swirling wind will ultimately send your ball the only bunker front right. Take an extra club. Three tiered green that should be studied carefully, generally very fast green.
Par 3 – Index 18
Black 157m / 164y
Blue 145m / 159y
White 127m / 139y
Red 100m / 109y
Hole 9: Water carry tee shot, aim left side to avoid the two fairways bunkers guarding the right side. An opportunity to reach this hole in two and a possible birdie, however two deep bunkers in front of the green will keep you guessing. An elevated green so ensure you one more club. Once on the green a varying amount of slopes so study you putt carefully.
Par 5 – Index 16
Black 465m / 510y
Blue 452m / 496y
White 417m / 458y
Red 371m / 407y
Hole 10 : A daunting tee shot with water on the left and a large fairway bunker on the right. A long straight drive allows a possibility of getting home in two, however the best option is to play the hole as a three shot par five. Beware the three fairway bunkers and deep green side trap, the best line is slightly left on the second shot. A large sloping green ensures your work is cut out for you once on the putting surface. Stay below the hole.
Par 5 – Index 9
Black 507m / 557y
Blue 492m / 542y
White 447m / 491y
Red 385m / 423y
Hole 11: The most difficult hole on the course tee to green. An elevated tee shot to a very tight fairway ensures accuracy is premium. With water and a large fairway bunker on the left side, you are forced to stay slightly right. However, two bunkers and very thick rough awaits balls drifting right so play the hole strategically. A water carry to a well bunkered green again requires accuracy. Once on the green, you must negotiate large slopes, centre green is the ideal location.
Par 4 – Index 1
Black 395m / 434y
Blue 372m / 408y
White 355m / 390y
Red 316m / 347y
Hole 12: Only short but very dangerous. For the long hitters a chance to drive the green however a ball slightly of line spells disaster. Water on the left side for the full length of the hole and trees on the right side makes accuracy paramount. The best option is a fairway wood or iron aimed right of the only fairway bunker. A short pitch shot remains however check the pin placement as the green is very undulating.
Par 4 – Index 13
Black 283m / 310y
Blue 280m / 307y
White 278m / 305y
Red 234m / 257y
Hole 13: The shortest par three on the course that will no doubt test your nerves. A postage stamp green that is elevated with water and two large bunkers front and rear guarding the slightest shot off target. Club selection is everything. Once on the green the putting surface is reasonably flat.
Par 3 – Index 15
Black 138m / 151y
Blue 136m / 149y
White 114m / 125y
Red 94m / 103y
Hole 14: A short down hill par four that will attract the long hitters to attack. For those attempting to drive the green disaster awaits unless the shot is executed perfectly as a creek separates the bunker in front of the green. The best option is to hit a midiron left of the fairway bunker allowing for a short pitch to a very difficult putting surface. A large bunker guards the entire front section of the green ensuring you play a high shot to have any chance of keeping the ball close to the hole. At all costs keep the ball below the hole.
Par 4 – Index 17
Black 287m / 315y
Blue 265m / 291y
White 255m / 280y
Red 220m / 241y
Hole 15: A demanding par four that requires a strong drive up hill to carry the two fairway bunkers guarding the dog leg right. Palm trees cover the right side of the fairway for the length of the hole. You second shot is down hill with a large slope left to right. Both a bunker and small pond will attract balls hit slightly right so the best option is two aim left and let the ball feed the slope towards the green. A very firm green that slopes considerably left to right.
Par 4 – Index 5
Black 365m / 401y
Blue 335m / 386y
White 307m / 337y
Red 261m / 286y
Hole 16: A very difficult driving hole that requires accuracy. An elevated tee shot with water carry and five fairway bunkers ensure position is everything. Once you have negotiated the tee shot the fairway opens up for your second shot, however three bunkers guard both the left and right side of the green so keep it straight. The putting surface is large but generally flat.
Par 4 – Index 11
Black 370m / 406y
Blue 349m / 383y
White 320m / 351y
Red 258m / 283y
Hole 17: A great par three that has it all. Water in front of the tee, an elevated green that is surrounded by four large bunkers and a sloping putting surface. Club selection is crucial as any ball short will feed back down the slope leaving a very delicate chip shot. Due to the elevated green an extra club. Green slopes front to back so if possible stay under the hole.
Par 3 – Index 7
Black 178m / 195y
Blue 161m / 176y
White 140m / 153y
Red 130m / 142y

Total Distance
• Black Tee 6405m / 7038 y
• Blue Tee 6062m / 6661y
• White Tee 5524m / 6071y
• Red Tee 4884m / 5368y
Hole 18: One of the longest holes in golf measuring over six hundred meters. An elevated tee shot with water coming play on the right hand side and two fairway bunkers guarding the left side ensure both length and accuracy are required. Due to its length a fairway wood is needed for the second shot however beware the many fairway bunkers both left and right. Club selection and distance control is vital for your third shot. The putting surface has small lower section at the front so ensure to avoid this part of the green.
Par 5 – Index 3
Black 601m / 660y
Blue 576m / 632y
White 502m / 551y
Red 471m / 517y

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