Trang An Golf & Resort

Ky Phu Ward, Nho Quan District, Ninh Binh Province

Số người chơi: 1 - 4

Diện tích: 245 ha

Số lỗ: 18 lỗ

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TrangAn Golf & Country Club opened in November 2015, designed and constructed along the lines of Augusta National in the USA with the approach shot and putting being the most important.
At 7,074 yards from the tip of the pro tees, the golf course isn’t long by today’s standards, but it does have some sharp teeth.
The club has five tees per hole to ensure players have a variety of competitive options.
On the first two nines (A and B courses) three of the Par 3 holes are over 210 yards and with 96 bunkers and lightning fast greens, accuracy and good putting are more important than hitting the “long ball” (except on the 612 yard 14th hole).
This course is a great equalizer, which allows players of different strengths to compete on equal footing.
The golf course is an old style design along the lines of Augusta National which puts a premium on accuracy and the approach shot to the green which will leave you an easy putt. Most greens are heavily contoured and speeds average 10+ (except tournaments where they run around 12).
You have to know when to leave the driver in the bag on this course because an iron in the fairway is much better than finding the water hazard.
Important information:
Par 72
Black (Pro) Tee: 7,074
Gold Tee: 6682
Blue Tee: 6304
White Tee: 5873
Red Tee: 5345
Bunkers: 96 (54 greenside / 42 fairway)

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